Wedding Trends 2021: from first to last.

With smaller guest lists, we see couples taking the time to make their wedding a whole weekend event (or perhaps a few week days as week day weddings will be popular this year!). I mean, after the past year, we all need a bit of a getaway, right?! Micro weddings and elopements continue to be a hot choice, and couples are deciding that quality is more important than quantity.

That means more focus is being put on creating a magnificent experience for guests, all while considering safety, sustainability and solutions to the current hurdles of wedding planning in a pandemic. In 2021, it’s all about color, creativity and the continued knowledge that love truly does conquer all.

Are you ready to see what’s hot for the weddings of 2021??

1. Quality Over Quantity

What exactly does “quality over quantity” mean? It means giving attention to the details! Since wedding guest lists are smaller during this time, couples are able to put more budget towards creating memorable environments for those guests. That could look like: custom food experiences over the traditional wedding buffet, or a single “wow” floral installation that makes a statement, rather than dozens of the same centerpiece on every table. The sky is the limit in 2021 when it comes to what you can do with food, decor, and wedding design- as long as you get creative and inspired!

2. Outdoor + Tented Events

With event restrictions still in place in the majority of the country, we are seeing outdoor weddings soar! This is including backyard events too! This focus on hosting an event outside actually gives you the chance to be ultra creative with tented spaces, and eclectic lighting. 

3. Retro Color Palettes

Green and white weddings had their time in the spotlight, and while we definitely agree that the palette is a classic, color will be center stage in 2021 weddings. Particularly, the warm, retro-inspired tones of mustards, terra cotta, and pink.

4. 2021 Wedding Dress Trends

Wedding dress in 2021 will be STATEMENT MAKERS! After spending a year cooped up at home, brides everywhere will be looking to shine in their gowns. They’re choosing fun colors, bold prints, fashionable cuts, and trendy embellishments. 

5. Dried Flowers Are Still Big!

The trend of dried flowers, and the mix of dried + fresh, is still going strong! 2021 couples will take the trend even higher with colorful dried florals and creative installations.

6. Sustainable Wedding + Eco-Friendly Events

Wedding waste is never in vogue, and that’s never been more true than in 2021. What are some creative ways to bring sustainability to your day? Be conscious about food waste, rent items whenever possible, look for dried flowers or plants that can be kept after the wedding, and try to reduce single-use plastics. 

7. Statement Earrings for Brides

Remember how 2021 brides are pushing the limits with traditional wedding attire? Well they will be rocking some extra bold accessories too! Welcome the statement earring to your dream bridal look.

8. 2021 Wedding Trend: Cottagecore Weddings

It’s the moody wedding theme that everyone’s loving in 2021. Cottagecore emerged as a lifestyle trend, and now it’s taking over the wedding scene with idyllic venues, touches of nature, and a simpler mindset. Look for peasant style wedding dresses, vintage decor pieces, lots of flowers and the appreciation of quiet beauty. 

9. Bold Color Palettes for Florals

After a year with so much sad news, weddings are a chance to finally celebrate the good! And what better way than with bright, bold colorful florals! Think unique color palettes, contrasting textures, and a spotlight on unusual florals…yes, we are LOVING this direction!

10. Elopements in 2021

Elopements are here to stay in 2021! We saw 2020 couples throw out the old stigmas of what an elopement is, and instead, embrace intimate nuptials that were adventurous, inspiring, and personal. More and more couples will continue to elope in 2021, but not just because of event restrictions. Couples are finding more and more importance in doing what feels right for them.

11. Standout Hanging Installations

Stunning wedding installations are nothing new. However, in 2021 weddings, hanging installations will take a front row seat as far as reception decor goes. With a more minimal look for table centerpieces, couples are choosing to bring the WOW factor from up above. Sleek tablescapes will be balanced with fun and floral hanging overhead.

12. Customize Face Masks for Favors

Since it’s looking like we are still going to be wearing masks for most of the year, have some fun with this one! Face mask can be customized and is the perfect favor for your guests and something they will use for your big day.

13. Live Music + Creative Entertainment

We’re hoping dance floors make their way back to the wedding scene soon. For now, though, couples are getting creative with their reception entertainment. Currently, the focus is all on the food, mingling and conversation, so couples are bringing a live music restaurant vibe to help spice things up. Small duos and trios, jazz bands, bluegrass groups, and mariachi are all on the wish list. Music is still a huge part of the day, but again, quality over quantity is the focus!

14. 2021 Wedding Trends: Decor From Home

Whether you use decor you already have, or you buy wedding decor with the intention of repurposing it in your home, “wedding to home” or “home to wedding” decor is big in 2021. It all goes back to sustainability and the desire to get creative with what you have rather than being wasteful. We’re seeing couples bring plants, candles, mirrors, lounge furniture and other objects from their personal living space and take it right to the wedding reception. Talk about creating a personal atmosphere! 


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