Wedding Decor Checklist from 2b1Wedding

     Here’s a list of possible decor items you may choose to incorporate into Your Big Day:

  1.  Wedding Guest Book Alternative 

     This gorgeous guest book can house every wish and blessing that your guests     bestow upon your union.


   2.  Wedding Welcome Sign

    Our Wedding Welcome Sign will impress all people who are going to share the wedding celebration with you.


   3.  Wedding Card Box

     Our Card Box will help you to complement and decorate your wedding.You can use this box as storage for money or something else.


  4.  Wedding Seating Chart - Find your seat sign

    Our "Find Your Seat" sign is an easy way to display the seating chart for your guests as well as add to your decor.


   5.  Wedding Ring Box 

      For added cuteness, your ring bearer can bring the rings to you in this unique ring box, which can be kept as a keepsake for the years to come!


  6.  Wedding HashTag Sign

      Our personalized hashtag will be a great decoration for your Special Day! And will help you see your wedding on Instagram from different views.


  7.  Wedding Guest Book

      Our Guest Book Sign will be a great decoration for your Special Day! Each guest can leave his desire to you.


  8. Wedding Invitation

      Let your guests know that your special day is coming soon, with these unique keepsake wedding invitations.



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