Top 6 Wedding Colors

1. Powder blue


This color is season-less and versatile for all types of aesthetics. It’s practically impossible to go wrong with this pastel tone. Powder blue looks so subtle when combining with ivory and pastel pink. Do not hesitate to dress your bridesmaids in light blue with pastel pink bouqueuts to highlight the theme.

Incorporate powder blue into your wedding colors through details like bouquet ribbons, shoes, flowers.



2. Lilac and lavender


Purple is another trendy wedding color. Instead of dark plum, lighter versions of this hue—specifically lilac and lavender—are on our radar to be some of the most popular wedding colors in the coming months. Both are whimsical yet sophisticated (and they complement each other beautifully), making this pairing a stylish choice for garden weddings.


3. Papaya orange


One of the 2021 wedding colors we’re most excited about right now is papaya orange. Over the last couple of years, orange tones (especially dark orange and rust) have continued to grow in popularity for bohemian and rustic weddings. This pastel alternative is just as unique and eye-catching, with a slightly more playful vibe. Think of papaya orange as the new accent color for tropical wedding, beach elopements, or any summer event.

When you pair it with other vibrant hues, like fuchsia, lime, and teal, the color palette is an instant mood-booster.



4. Matcha green


Green is already an unsung hero when it comes to wedding colors, and in 2021, it will have its own moment to shine. But rather than dark emerald that give off a moody vibe, lighter greens will also come into play. Brighter greens will bring an energetic and fresh feel to your wedding color palette, but you can also use them to create a bohemian chic look.

Colors like matcha green, olive, and pistachio are straight out of the 1970s—and perfect for achieving a retro-cool effect.


5. Earthy neutral wedding colors


If bright palettes aren’t your thing, you’ll be relieved to know that neutral wedding colors are still on track to be extremely popular in 2021.

Colors like ivory, taupe, gray, and cream will be trending for wedding decor and attire, but they’re also going to be a huge trend for floral arrangements. When you’re working with a neutral wedding color palette, texture becomes more important than ever, since it will keep the monochromatic tones from falling flat.  

Accent these 2021 wedding colors with details like dried flowers, pampas grass, and bleached greenery for a minimalist chic look.


6. Tuscany yellow


Last but definitely not least, this hue is in the running for boldest wedding color of 2021. Even the smallest dose of yellow packs a punch, and since it’s not a traditional wedding color, it’s perfect for couples who want to create a palette that’s luxe and unique.

We're calling it tuscany yellow because the rich golden tones of this particular shade will immediately give your wedding aesthetic a warm, sun-kissed feel—ideal for eliciting visions of a pastoral European setting, even if you can’t be there in person.


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