How to reuse wedding decoration for your home ?

After the wedding celebration is over, you might wonder about what to do with all the decorations you have. Take a look at some ideas below to reuse them in your new home. Aside from being useful, they will also bring a sentimental value and act as a constant reminder of your special day.

1. Wedding signs
Keep your wedding signage that are still in good condition. You can put the "Mr. & Mrs." sign above your bed as a sweet and personal touch to your room.


2. Hanging lanterns
Using lanterns is a pretty popular choice for those having outdoor weddings. You can keep these lanterns for an upcoming party decoration; say, your baby shower? Or, if you have a backyard, just hang these lights to make it prettier.


3. Bird Сages
Here's another favorite decorative item, birdcages. They come in so many shapes and colors, so you can put practically anything inside, from origami, candles, cards, or even flowers. They'll also give a lovely touch to your patio. Another choice is to put them on your mantelpiece above the fireplace.


4. Table Cloth
Use your leftover wedding linens to add a pretty touch to your dinner table or coffee table. If you have more than one kind of table linen, you can have more choices for future parties in your house. You won't need to buy another one for years!


5. Vintage goods
If you had a vintage-themed wedding, you might be left with some trinkets like antique clocks or old frames. These things can be great additions to decorate your home. Just use them as you did on your wedding day, as tabletop displays or decorations hung on the walls.


6. Fairy lights
This type of light gives an instant romantic vibe; great for any evening outdoor wedding. After your wedding, you still can keep and reuse fairy lights as your Christmas tree lights.                     


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