6 Biggest Wedding Fears of Brides-to-be!

What do brides worry about before the wedding? We took a look at their blogs and reports to find out. And we didn't have to look for an answer for a long time. Based on their stories about wedding preparations, we have compiled a list of the biggest fears and cures for them. Use it!

  1. It’s going to rain

The weather is something that cannot be predicted in advance. Even if the wedding is scheduled for a hot July, there is no guarantee that it will not rain on the wedding day. This is exactly the kind of force majeure that even the most experienced organizer cannot avoid. He will not cancel the rain, but he will take measures in advance. As a rule, these are: plan B for an off-site ceremony, umbrellas for guests and newlyweds, an awning or a marquee. Only one thing is required of you - to remain calm and in a good mood! It’s trite, but true.


  1. Get sick

If you know that you have a weak immune system, take care of vitamins, even if the wedding takes place in the summer. Try not to sit under air conditioners, in drafts and do not contact people who are sick. Do not eat food of questionable quality and do not taste vegetables / fruits out of season. If on your wedding day you still wake up with a fever, then the antipyretic and anticipation of the upcoming holiday will settle everything.


  1. A contractor will let you down

This is an exception to the rule, but life can be unpredictable: illness, flight delay and other circumstances, up to 'overslept'. To insure yourself against surprises, ask your contractors in advance how the situation will be corrected, who will replace them? Although, such issues are often not discussed between young people and specialists.



  1. Ruin the mood

A wedding is a busy day, especially for the bride. Therefore, you better not deal with organizational issues. Hire an organizer or coordinator. As a last resort, entrust current affairs to a friend or sister. And remember, if you do not save yourself from bad emotions, no one else will succeed. Hire top-notch, pleasant people to your team. Well, if the only cake at breakfast falls on the floor, this is not worth attention. It happens! So you will have breakfast with a delicious sandwich.


  1. Excited

Excitement is a normal state for such an event. It's long-awaited! To suppress the excitement a little, on the eve of the wedding, go for a massage, to the pool, take a walk with the dog, and talk to your friends and mom. Depending on the level of your emotional stress (you know yourself!), start drinking a sedative beforehand. Well, if you burst into tears at the ceremony at the moment of taking the oaths ... So is it! Nobody will blame you for this, they will only cry for the company.


  1. Guests get drunk

What to do? There are two ways out: either not to invite lovers of strong drinks, or not to order a lot of alcohol. Here you yourself must decide what emotions and what atmosphere you expect at your wedding. If you don't want to see drunken guests, don't give them another reason to drink. More water, soda, cocktails. And if you are preparing an aperitif, then no vodka with cognac, but only soft drinks and canapes with fruit.

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