5 Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

We have prepared some creative options for the Wedding Ceremony that can inspire you to a successful experiment!

1. Forest

Do you want to feel like an elf or a forest moth? It is difficult but possible!

The forest itself gives the wedding a mysterious atmosphere, you just need to capture it and complement the decor, which will bring something personal to you. And still to choose a place with an equal platform. And think about sources of electricity. And a place for toilets. Well, the option of rescue in case of rain.

Pros of location: no restrictions on time and space.
Cons of location: insects, bad weather, difficulties with communications.


2. Roof

Unity with nature is not for everyone. If you are a fan of urbanism and do not imagine your ideal wedding without glass, concrete and urban views - the roof of a skyscraper at your service. Just imagine a ceremony at sunset, a buffet among the lights of the city. And what a chic location!

In most cases, a transfer to the wedding venue will not be required.

Pros of the location: stunning city views, convenient location.
Cons of location: bad weather, wind, limited space.


3. Botanical garden

Say "YES!" among tropical trees or flowering magnolias. The greenhouse is a great option if you love nature and naturalness, but do not want to give up a convenient location: most often such locations, if not in the central parts of the city, then at least within it.

Pros of the location: savings on floristics for decoration, location in the city.
Cons of location: limited space, guests with allergies.


4. The castle

Of course, we do not recommend competing with the Windsors in the wedding budget, but the castle is perfect for a small chamber wedding.

Here you do not have to worry about the lack of electricity or frantically follow the weather forecast - such locations are quite comfortable and well thought out for celebrations of any scale.

Pros of the location: fabulous atmosphere, no problems with water and electricity, protection from bad weather.
Cons of location: remote location, stylistic restrictions.


 5. Factory or warehouse

Sweet weddings are not for you? Then what about the rough industrial style? The contrast between a light flying dress and an old industrial room will look stunning in the photo.

Complete freedom in choosing the style (the industrial itself suggests, but imagine a more experimental combination of luxurious decor and an abandoned building!), Textured area, a huge space - you can be original with scope.

Pros of the location: cheap rent, large space.
Cons of location: difficulties with communications.

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