11 basic rules of a GOOD WEDDING

In preparation for the wedding, there are a huge number of issues that need to be considered, from finding reliable contractors to food, flowers, decor, and more. It takes a lot of time and nerves, which is why we have prepared a guide that will allow you to anticipate everything.


Sit down with the groom and discuss how you see your wedding. Take into account all the little things. Will it be a formal reception or a party for loved ones? At home or in a restaurant? Will you stick to any topic? Try to discuss everything, no matter how extravagant it may be. This will allow you to determine what is important to the two of you.


If you did not win the jackpot the day before, then you have nowhere to go from making boring estimates when planning a wedding. To do this, you first need to find out who will pay (you, the groom, the parents). Then divide the existing amount into the main categories: food and alcohol (40%), the honeymoon (13%), photos and videos (10%), wedding dress, tuxedo and accessories (6%), music (5%), flowers 3%); invitations (2%); ceremony (5%); wedding rings (6%); and lunch rehearsal, limousines, service staff gifts, advice and other expenses (10%). The percentage may vary slightly, but not to exceed the limit. After all, starting a family life with debts is not the most pleasant feeling.


Before making appointments with contractors, review sites and magazines and not just on the wedding theme. This will generate ideas about what you would like to see at your wedding. When you start looking at the world through the prism of wedding preparations, you may be surprised at how many reasons there are for giving birth to new ideas every day.


Pay special attention to what is written in small print. If the cover band agrees to work overtime, specify how much it will cost, so as not to get a surprise at the end of a fun party. Any changes that have been made since the contract was signed must also be made in writing.


Do you want your holiday to be different from all the weddings you've been to before? Do you think that personalization is only for professionals? It may be the ethnic traditions in your ceremony. Invite your dog to the reception, prepare a dish according to an old family recipe or decorate the cake with your new marital monogram. Do not limit yourself to the imagination.



When choosing a DJ or band for your wedding, try to get to her performance - so you will have the feeling that you went to their concert and then you will not be annoyed that the soloist will always run to the center of the dance floor with a wireless microphone in hand. If it is not possible to witness a live performance, try to get at least a rehearsal. If that doesn't work, watch videos of their performances or CDs.


A good wedding, if you can compare it, should resemble a smooth flow. This means that it must be carefully thought out. For example, if a photoshoot forces you to postpone the start of lunch for an hour, guests will have to occupy this time with something. It may be more appropriate to take a photo before the ceremony or move it to another day. And ask the restaurant staff not to remove from the tables until the end of the banquet, because nothing looks so sad as raised chairs during the last dance.


Once you have decided on the date of the wedding, you must provide guests with all the information about its theme, style of dress, and venue. This is especially important for those who will be traveling from afar, as they will need to buy a ticket in advance and resolve the accommodation issue. Consider creating a page dedicated to your wedding. On it, guests will be able to see the route, hotels, local attractions, and more. Some hotels offer online guest bookings and discounts on package services or corporate bookings.


When you are planning a wedding, put the needs of your guests in the first line of priorities. For example, do not plan a huge time between the ceremony and the banquet, because otherwise, the guests will need to occupy themselves with something. Professionals believe that the standard means a 20-minute drive from the venue and banquet. If there are elderly people among the guests, avoid restaurants that have a large number of flights of stairs and do not put them next to the speakers during dinner. For smoking guests, provide a special area - so they will not interfere with non-smokers. If your wedding will be held in the open air, you will need to make a special note in the invitation, so that guests can provide suitable shoes and clothes for a later time. If the day promises to be hot - provide fans, and if rainy - a canopy. As an option, for a party on the beach, you can provide in advance a basket with slates of different colors and sizes.


Many brides indulge in a massage, spa, and other pleasures throughout the preparation. But completely forget about it in the last stages of planning, during the final troubled weeks. Even if you can not afford a weekly manicure at this time, do not give up other useful habits: try to sleep well, do regular exercise. This will allow you not to feel exhausted at the wedding. And throughout the training do not give up ordinary life, such as watching TV, playing with a pet, walking in the park and going to the museum.


You and the groom set the tone for the whole wedding, and if you give yourself completely to it - you will pay attention to the guests, dance, enjoy the reception - the guests will follow your reception and spend a magical evening. But if you constantly disappear to do a photoshoot or discuss the nuances of a banquet in the kitchen, the holiday can lose momentum. Entrust organizational issues to professionals or appoint a reliable friend or relative responsible for their decision. So you can fully enjoy every moment of this wonderful event.


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