10 Basic Things Couples Forget to Think About


1. Whatever the Weather

Check the weather – if you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, please think of a Plan B that you would still be happy with.

2. Planning Your Guest List
To start with write a list of people you want to invite so you can get an idea on approximate numbers, this will help you find a venue.

3. Choosing a Date
Think ahead – make sure your date does not clash with any local or sporting events as this could affect traffic and pricing for your day.

4. Wedding Invitations
Tradition says send out invites 6–8 weeks before the wedding, but I find this cutting it fine to say the least! Your wedding venue or caterers will want to know your final numbers at this point, so save yourself the stress and get them sent out early.

5. The Legal Bits
Before you even say ‘I do’, you need to give notice to ensure your wedding is legal. This is done at your local register office to where you live, not where you intend to marry.

6. Ceremony Time & Photography
This depends on the time of the year. Photographers will tell you about the ‘golden hour’, listen to them! They know what they are talking about.

7. Transportation
If you have chosen a venue in which hiring a wedding car or something more elaborate is needed, bear these costs in mind. Usually the bride and father of the bride travel together, separately from the rest of the wedding party, so you may need more than one car, or multiple trips depending on distance.

8. Feeding Your Crew
Possibly an unforeseen expense is feeding the lovely people you have hired to make your wedding day as magical as you imagined it. Before you sign a contract with other suppliers make sure you’re not required to serve them the same meal as your guests, as that could be pricey.

9. Trials & Treatments
Check with your hair and makeup artist/s when you book that their price includes a trial! Some do and some don’t. The trials are definitely worth it to perfect your look!

Also don’t forget to factor in any other beauty treatments you may want…These might include your hair cut and colour, fake tan, teeth whitening, facials, manicures and pedicures and lash extensions. And do these costs cover just you or your wedding party too?

10. Getting Ready on the Day
The more bridesmaids you have the longer getting ready will take on the morning of your wedding. Hair and makeup artist/s like to start with the bride, so you may want to hire more than one hair and makeup artist if there are a lot of you, and don’t forget the mother of the bride and the groom too.

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